19 januari 2016

Xotels has launched a brand new Revenue Management Dashboard called Hotel Scienz. It gives you a snapshot overview of your Hotel Management KPI (key performance indicators).


This revenue management tool, is an intuitive platform which provides complete and renewed insight into consumer demand for any size hotel or hostel property. The solution is multi-property capable and can therefore also be used by hotel industry groups.


The cloud based system is based on both in-house and external data, simplifying hotel yield decissions and strategies. It provides reports with crucial information about property sales indicators and demand trends as well as strategic insights and detailed overviews of revenue management performance, analysis and action items:


Key performance indicators with insight for owners, general managers, staff departments and other property stakeholders.

Day by day demand, pick-up and revenue insight for any property

Pick-up information by market segment and sales or distribution channels

Competitor rate shops

Group and transient demand management tools

Event calendars

Past, current and future performance, compared to budgets.

Algorithms combine all data and provide forecasts and actionable yield information.

Easy-to-use information that hotels and hostels need on a daily basis to make smart revenue management decisions quick, easy and efficient.



If you want want to know more about this revenue information system and management platform for hotels, please contact us to make an appointment for a demo


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